Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is a sexual disorder wherein men release semen earlier than they want to normally within a minute of penetration. One must go for an early premature ejaculation treatment if he comes across any doubtful situation during his sexual activities.


Treatment Offered

At Dr Gupta's Clinic consist of a team of medical professionals who will counsel the patient to clear myths and queries which make the patient anxious about his problem. Certain medications and therapy are given to the patient to help him tackle with premature ejaculation disorder.

Hormonal abnormality
Disturbed relationship
Anxiety disorder
Step 1: Book Appointment

We would recommend booking an appointment with Dr Guptas Clinic if you do suffer from premature ejaculation

Step 2: Diagnosis

We do a physical checkup to ascertain the reasons regarding the problem

Step 3: Counseling

Counseling is done to ensure that the patient understands the issue at hand and his what he should expect while clearing all his doubts

Step 4: Medications

If we feel that only counseling is not enough, medications are prescribed to ensure a speedy recovery