Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The the inability of a male to hold a firm erection during sexual intercourse commonly known as erectile dysfunction or ED.


Treatment Offered

Often times the problem is caused due to mind and body. At Dr Gupta's Clinic consist of a team of medical professionals who will counsel the patient to clear myths and queries which make the patient anxious about his ability to perform. If we feel that the patient needs medications to help his condition, optimal medications will be given which will help him recover from his weakness.

Inability to hold an erection
Inability to get enough hardness
Inability to hold erection for desired time

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


A Healthy mind is the cornerstone of healthy body and certainly the case for erectile dysfunction


In a major number of cases erectile dysfunction is linked to anxiety


Obesity brings a lot of diseases and there has been a positive link between erectile dysfunction and obesity

Constriction in Blood Supply

Blood needs to pass through the body efficiently and more specifically to the male organ for proper erection.

Diabetes/ Hypertension / Heart Surgery

If you are suffering from any of the above diseases there are highly chances that it may cause erectile dysfunction.

Step 1: Book Appointment

We would recommend booking an appointment with Dr Guptas Clinic if you do suffer from erectile dysfunction

Step 2: Diagnosis

We do a physical checkup to ascertain the reasons regarding the problem

Step 3: Counseling

Counseling is done to ensure that the patient understands the issue at hand and his what he should expect while clearing all his doubts

Step 4: Medications

If we feel that only counseling is not enough, medications are prescribed to ensure a speedy recovery