Why is Stress Management Important?


Stress is the most conventional as well as the most dangerous thing which takes a toll on Libido. In a world where workload dominates our lives, stress is inevitable. As we know that our hormones play a huge role starting from our childhood to adolescence, pregnancy, menopause and beyond. Like all the hormones, cortisol is a kind of steroid hormone which is needed only in a small amount in our body for regulating immunity and metabolism. However increased levels of cortisol when being produced for a longer period of time is harmful. Cortisol produced in enormous amount suppresses one’s sexual drive along with developing psychiatric conditions such as anxiety and depression. Stress is the fundamental cause behind the production of excessive amount of Cortisol. Thus, lower quantity of sex hormones equals lower libido.

So, for that matter reducing and managing stress is important. Taking 5-10 minutes out from your day to meditate can help a lot in driving stress out. Sometimes doing what you like such as reading a book, watching movies, painting, tuning into some soothing music helps in stress management as well. And when time is not so much in your favor then taking a deep breath for a minute or two works wonders.

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