Case Study on How to Bridge Communication Gap between Couples



Query: I have a major communication problem with my husband. My husband is an introvert and I fail to initiate a conversation with him. As a result, I suffer from extreme boredom. Moreover, we do not communicate with each other, even during sexual intercourse and this frustrates me even more. I often feel like ending this relationship.  My husband is highly educated and a PhD holder, whereas I am a simple BSC graduate. Maybe this difference in our backgrounds has resulted in the communication gap. If you can suggest some methods of initiating a conversation then it would be very helpful.

Answer:  It seems you have significant differences in age, experience, mindset and attitude. You should try and discover some common interests. If that does not work, you can start exchanging opinions on topics such as religion. Or else, you can start a conversation regarding whether God exists within human beings. The conversation can further explore concepts like God created love and bonding between human beings. This way you can learn his views and opinions about love and romance. Listen and appreciate his views and after a point, romance is bound to set in.


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