Case Study on How to Rekindle Excitement in your Partner

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Query: My name is Gita. I have been married for 8 months. For last 3 months, there has been no physical intimacy between me and my husband. As a result, my sex life has been completely dormant.  My husband never seems to be in the mood for romance. He always excuses himself by saying that he is tired and exhausted.  Is there any way I could get him sexually aroused?

Answer:  There are a number of ways to get your husband sexually aroused. Some people get sexually excited quite easily through strong measures, while others prefer slow and steady arousal through soft measures. However, the soft measures are usually the most effective ones. This is because these measures do not hurt a man’s ego in any way. The best way will be to initiate a sexual communication with your husband. This should involve asking some particular questions to your husband, such as feedbacks regarding how you look. After that, you can urge him further to comment on and appreciate your other physical aspects as well. In the process, he will get sexually excited, slowly and steadily. This method has proved to be the most successful one for other couples.  There are many other methods, which will be discussed in future write ups.

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